Providing Tucson with Fire Safety Equipment & Services

At Epic Fire Protection we are committed to serving our Community with integrity, honesty and knowledge. We believe that with a positive attitude, a higher standard of service is met every day.

As the economy changes, our priorities remain the same: to provide our customers with professional and reliable service, and the knowledge that their workplace and properties are well-protected.

We sell and service all types of fire extinguishers and provide fire safety inspections for extinguishers, sprinkler systems*, emergency lights and emergency exits.

We are family-owned-and-operated and have been in the Tucson Fire Safety business since 2005. A member of the NFPA, we are also MSHA and OSHA certified. Our team of experienced staff provides full-service hazard analysis, installation and maintenance of all types of fire protection equipment in the home, office, industrial property, commercial establishment and restaurant.

Superior fire safety starts with a company who knows WHAT, WHEN and HOW fire extinguishers need to be used. Epic Fire Protection can provide you with the knowledge and the service you need to be protected!

*Although we do not repair sprinkler systems, we can refer you to some excellent local companies upon request.

Fire Inspections

Damage from fires can be devastating to your home and your life. Protecting your residence and business from fire is our area of expertise. As part of the fire protection inspection process, written reports will be provided with any identified system deficiencies and also including helpful suggestions. Our professional employees possess up-to-date knowledge of fire codes, many insurance requirements, and the various types of fire protection requirements. With the combination of regular fire protection inspections and a professional service team to assist in the maintenance of your property’s Fire Safety requirements, you can rest assured we will take excellent care in properly handling every customer’s needs. We provide a comprehensive selection of fire protection inspection services. From Residential to your home, we will come to you and provide annual and monthly inspections required.

We inspect Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lights, Emergency EXIT signs and Fire Sprinklers.

There are many types of Sprinkler Systems. We inspect them all – wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge and standpipe systems.

Fire Safety Education: Tucson Extinguisher Classes

Familiarity with fire safety equipment can mean the difference between containment and complete devastation. We know you value your property, so having the correct knowledge on how to properly use equipment is irreplaceable. To help your families, employees or loved-ones become comfortable using an extinguisher, each participant in the class will get the opportunity to put out a controlled fire we will set on-site. Portable fire extinguishers will be provided for use.

Fire Demo classes are scheduled as needed throughout the year. To inquire about availability, email us or call 520-296-6675.

Each class includes a video and presentation addressing the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Everyone gets a chance to put out a fire! If you or your group are interested in scheduling a class, call Gerald at 520-296-6675 or send us an email.